Best Seller----Surf Fishing, The Light-Line Revolution, 3rd Edition and Surf Fishing ID Card

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How-to Surf Fishing Book and Surf Fish ID Card

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Light-line surf fishing is easy with this step-by-step how-to book. This comprehensive guide book covers gear, tackle, rigging and how to gather the baits you'll need.  Chapters also cover how to read tide and moon phases and where exactly to find fish on the beach.  New in the 3rd edition you'll find expanded chapters, detailed new tips, new pictures, diagrams and a list of tackle shops that carry live bait in Southern Californina.  The book is packed with over 200 pages of inside info on West Coast surf fishing techniques, tips and tricks!

Surf Fishing ID Card: This heavy plastic laminated fish ID card will help you identify fish from the California surf.  No fish illustrations here, just clear color pictures of common fish you will find in the surf.  Tips and illustration on the back will help you become a better angler at the beach.  Laminated, waterproof and flexible reference guide.

Check out what other people have said about Surf Fishing, The Light-Line Revolution:

 5.0 out of 5 stars Great 
By D. Jones

(Crescent City, CA United States) This review is from: Surf Fishing The Light-Line Revolution (Paperback) I give this book 5 stars if you are in Southern California. 3-4 stars if you live elsewhere.

It is a compact book that can be read quickly, but seems to have all the info you need to fish the Southern California beaches. Many surf books are about the East Coast because so many fisherman live there. This book is for the many fishermen who live in So Cal. Some of the info in this book is transferable to other areas, while some of it is not.

I live on the California/Oregon border and it really is a different world up here. It's unlikely that anyone will write a book about the rural coast because there aren't enough people here to buy the book. I plan to use my salmon/steelhead rod for the surf. I'll use sand shrimp for bate. (Google "pumping sand shrimp" to learn how to to get free bait in the Northwest...)

Before you buy this book, you might want to see the author's web site. He has package deals where you get the book along with hooks, leader, and bait for a discounted price. 

5.0 out of 5 stars The Bible of Light Tackle Surf Fishing

By J. Fredrickson

(OC, CA) This review is from: Surf Fishing The Light-Line Revolution (Paperback) I just started surf fishing not long ago. I first thought fishing the surf was all about giant surf poles, huge pyramid sinkers, a sand spike, a cooler and a lawn chair. I've seen people walking the beach with light tackle poles and laughed to myself that they weren't going to catch anything. Boy was I wrong! I got turned on to light tackle surf fishing at a local tackle shop and decided to give it a try. Three weeks of daily fishing resulted in zip, so of course I turned to the internet and discovered this book. I've read and re-read this book so much and still refer to it constantly. It's an easy read, packed with information and pictures, in an easy to understand manner. It covers everything from gear, bait, lures, reading the beach (structure), moon & tides, wind, what type of fish you'll find and tactics to catch them, plus a treatise on catch and release. I learn something new in it after referring to it after each outing. A small book of only 120 pages, but filled with more information than any other "complete" guides I've read. I'm now catching fish frequently and not missing the lawn chair one bit!

By, Albert E.
This type of fishing has been around for a while but Varney has it down to a science. You can fish this way along the entire west coast including Baja and catch fish. Be sure to fish the jetties and breakwaters the same way.

By, Frederick B.
Great insight from a local surf fisherman. Informative and detailed information for targeting southern California surf fish, and he devolved some of his favorite fishing spots...thanks

By, Jordan M.
I have not yet had the chance to try a lot of the techniques discussed in this book in their intended region (California and Oregon principally) but I found the book to be very practical in a lot of ways. I enjoy light tackle saltwater fishing on the Arabian Sea where I'm currently working and I found the advice in this book to be practical and useful though some of it is only applicable to the location for which it is intended (such as how to harvest particular local baits).

By, Robert O.
Had to read it before I hit the waves for some surf fishing. And it worked first cast I pulled in a barred surf perch. Easy to understand & has good pictures to show examples of what he is talking about. Worth the purchase!!!!!


I read this whole book in one day. This book contains a lot of valuable information and a must for surf fishers. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in surf fishing.

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