Bay and Beach Swimbait Kit

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This kit is perfect for inside the bay, harbor and near jetties and harbor entrances for halibut, spotfin, corbina and large perch.  

     2" Big Hammer swimbaits imitates local bait fish and are deadly in harbor and bays near structure.  Tie directly to your main line with either a 1/16th ounce jig head (for rocky areas) or a 1/8th ounce jig head for fishing near pilings, piers, bridges and along sand/rock/eel grass areas.

     Cast jig head out and let it sink to the bottom.  On sandy, grassy areas bump along the bottom, letting it rise and drop.  When fishing in snaggy areas downsize your jig head to 1/16th ounce for less snags.

4     10 Packs of Big Hammer 2" Swimbaits:
Motor Oil Red
Clear Red
Great White
Purple Haze

Jig Heads:
10 1/16th ounce Red/White
5 1/8th ounce Chartruese/White
5 1/8th ounce White/Red

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