2 Spool Pack--6lb Red Lightnin' Cajun Line 1850 yards x 2

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Cajun Red Lightnin' 6lb monofilament fishing line is great for the surf. Everyone knows I'm a big user of red and pink lines so when I saw this product I knew it would work. It's red color is proven to disappear in all water conditions. Cajun lines are flexible, abrasion resistant and make a great choice for use in the surf. I highly recommend this line for sand and rock surf fishing applications.

Why do I use this line in the surf? Red Lightnin' Monofilament Line uses Cajun Line's Red Technology to take advantage of the natural filtering of the visible spectrum. Water filters out certain colors more quickly than others. The color red is the first color to be completely filtered. Combined with the material composition of Cajun Red Line, this allows a more realistic lure presentation, and leads to more hook-ups.  Ahhhh men!

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