2" Big Hammer Swimbait PURPLE HAZE (10 pack)

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Part Number:1115-3-2-2-2
     Big Hammer swimbaits work great for Bay fishing or fishing for big winter barred surfperch off the California Coast. The 2 inch Big Hammer swimbait is a perfect choice for a day of simply catching fish. Rigged on a 1/8 oz (1/16-3/8oz) ball head with a size 2 or 4 hook this bait is like candy to surfperch, bay bass, halibut or larger game fish when they are focused on tiny prey. If a larger hook and/or heavier sinker is needed the 2" Hammer is an excellent drop-shot bait. Nose hooked on a drop-shot rig the bait will swim when retrieved just like it would if it was rigged on a jig head... but... when the bait is paused, instead of darting quickly all the way to the bottom like a regular swimbait, it quickly darts to the bottom and then slows down to a deadly ultra-slow tantalizing sink once the drop-shot sinker hits the bottom.

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